About the store

Från Design is a small business located on an island on the west coast of Norway.

   As long as I can remember I've loved fairytails and magical beeings. I've been facinated of stories about the child and their comanion. The magic I felt when I was younger and brought my favorite teddy bear along with me on my adventures are the magic I'd like to gift children with my handmade toys.

       When shopping at Från Design's website, you can be confident that all of the toys are ethically made. All items are made in Norway and with our planets best interest in mind. All of the yarn used is OEKO TEX-certified and is safe for children!

   Från is a swedish word containing the letter "å", wich is a letter used in all scandinavian languages. In norwegian the letter used to be written as "aa" but according to wikipedia "å" became widely used in the norwegian language in 1917. The english translation of the word would be "from".  

   Why is the store in english and not in norwegian or swedish? I ask myself the same thing sometimes. The reason is simply because I'd like to write for people in my home country and people here were I live to all understand Från Design's website.

   All of the toys are handmade by me.


-Alice From