Why Choose Handmade

Handmade items are often made with a lot of love and care. There are many reasons to choose handmade. We could be here all day!

Buying handmade is good for the environment. No larg machinery is needed and the toys are made by demand, never in large quantities. This means that no toys are sitting in a dark room for years waiting to be sold. #NoToysLeftBehind

Another thing to value is the fact that you know who made the item and you can be confident that the toys are ethically made. It is also in my interest to always have our planet in mind when making purchases for the business. All of the stuffing for the toys is bought second hand (and washed thoroughly ;). Every little bit counts.

Crochet is an old way of creating textiles. There is no "easy" way of creating a crochet piece. No machine can recreate the art, like for example a knitted sweater can be made with help of a machine and be mass-produced. This is not the case for crocheted items. Every time you spot something made by a crochet hook, you'll know that the item was made by two hands. Pretty cool!